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Realizing Indigenous liberation

Tanshi. Tân'sâtawiya kîya. Tawaw.

Hello. How are you?

Welcome, there is room.

What does it really mean to be in true solidarity with Indigenous people? Do you wonder what the word "decolonize" really means? Do you want to do more in your social justice practice to support Indigenous-led resistance, decolonial liberation, and Indigenous freedom?

Many people talk about decolonizing your mind, food and medicine. Recent movements like Decolonize Oakland and the Indigenous-led resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock have familiarized a whole new generation of activists with the term and concept.

But decolonization is more than just a buzzword—it is an intentional and ongoing Indigenizing process that is deeply rewarding. And it’s not necessarily easy.

We can’t separate decolonization from Indigenous resistance, the connection between humans and nature, and our responsibility to maintain relationships with the land, the waters, and each other.

Indigenous people not only continue to survive, but our leaders are, and always have been at the forefront of ecological and human rights and resistance movements. But more often than not, Indigenous voices continue to be ignored, and our practices co-opted and appropriated.

This has to end. Indigenous or not, all of our movements require decolonization and Indigenization in order to be successful.

Feminist movements, for instance, must first recognize that rape culture and gender inequality are deeply rooted in colonization before we can dismantle them. In this profound cultural moment of #MeToo and #NoMore, this is more important to understand than ever.

This webinar will:

  • Provide you with tools and resources to help you recognize when colonial thinking is influencing your actions

  • Teach you how to Indigenize your mindset

  • Allow you to begin replacing Western, colonial interpretations of history and current events with Indigenous perspectives

  • Expose some of the ways you may be benefitting from colonial privileges and worldviews

  • Push you to take accountability and find the courage to change—and bring others with you

  • Teach you some best practices for building relationships with, and supporting Indigenous communities and resistance

  • Help you to support the restoration of Indigenous worldviews, ways of knowing and doing, and culture - without appropriating them

  • Inspire you to re-imagine, decolonize, and Indigenize your own life and liberation movements


As a Métis person of mixed Indigenous and settler heritage, my life and political practice is an ongoing process of unlearning colonial ways, and Indigenizing my relationships, my activism, my spirituality, and my life.

It was only when I started my own decolonial and Indigenizing processes, reclaiming our Indigenous ways, learning my Indigenous histories and cultures, reconnecting to the land, and healing from intergenerational trauma that I found a sense of peace and wholeness within myself.

For nearly two decades, I have been invited to facilitate deep, decolonial and anti-oppressive processes. My elders have taught me that when I am invited to share knowledge, it is my responsibility to provide it.

Now, I have been called to share with you what I’ve learned about ways to center Indigenous leadership, voices, practices, materials, lands, spaces, and ways of knowing in your community, workplace, school, and family.

I want to support you in reconnecting with your own ancestors, cultures, and Indigeneity, or in unsettling your alignment with whiteness and its culture of theft, and actively resisting the colonial forces in power today. I want to hold space and spirit for you to turn your decolonial ideals into meaningful practice and Indigenous solidarity.

By the end of our time together, you will be better equipped to foster right relationships to the land and waters, Indigenous Nations and cultures, and to one another in solidarity, courage, and integrity.


Hiy Hiy,

All my relations,

Anna Soole

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I currently reside on the unceded and illegally occupied ancestral homelands of the of the 

xʷməθkʷəy̓əm  (Musqueam),  sḵwwú7mesh (Squamish), Stó:lō, and Tsleil-Waututh  Nations,

colonially known as vancouver, bc, canada. I recognize the rightful sovereignty and land

rights of these, and all Indigenous Nations across Turtle Island and around the globe. 

© 2023, Anna Soole Consulting. All Rights Reserved.

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